Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas 2005 Success

Sweet potatoes. Pumpkin pie. Oyster stuffing. Dumplings. Glazed ham. Gravy. Chex mix. Mashed potatoes. Lasagna. Garlic bread. Strawberry cake. I managed to eat it all AND come back from our week-long holiday road trip a pound lighter! I lost a pound over Christmas!! How'd I do it? I cut back on food all week, especially since I wasn't exercising while on the road, and then let myself go at my husband's family's Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners. I told myself that those were free days, and that I would be all right if I got back on track the day after Christmas. My husband held me to it, and coming back to a friendly bathroom scale was the best Christmas present ever. Or at least a close second, next to having my husband home for the holidays (he's military).
So, now that I don't have to spend the first two weeks of the new year taking off last-minute holiday weight-gain, I get to have a running start in 2006 at my lowest weight ever. 81 pounds down, and only 24 to go. This will be the year I make goal!
This picture was taken by our Christmas tree, just before we left on our holiday road trip. I'm showing off my brand new kitty slippers, as well as an old sweatshirt that used to be way too tight for me. Here's to more continued success in 2006!Posted by Picasa