Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weight Watchers Week 11: 208.6 lbs


Well, I didn't get one, but that's okay. I would've had to break 24:00 minutes, and we know that's not happening in this lifetime. BUT I'm happy with how I did. I ran it in under 39:00 minutes, which beats my old treadmill time of 42:17. I must say it felt pretty good to do so much better than I had expected of myself.

In other bravo-worthy news, I survived our B&B trip down to St. Augustine earlier this week. My strategy was to follow the Core Plan as closely as possible with regard to food, but then let the alcohol flow in the evenings. Turns out it paid off - I was down 0.2 lbs at the meeting's weigh-in this morning -- whoo-hoo!

I can't say enough how much I'm loving Weight Watchers. I've always known that most of my eating issues are all psychological in that I need more accountability. The meetings are great for that purpose, and I really look forward to them. Here's to continued success this summer!