Thursday, February 08, 2007

30-In-30 Challenge: Week 14, 171 lbs

So I just realized that I'm not even halfway done with this 30-week challenge to lose 30 lbs, and I've already lost 37 lbs! I had another good week, lost another 1.6lbs. God bless digital scales - it shows progress, no matter how small. The other exciting thing that happened this week - My size 14 dress pants are embarrassingly baggy, so I've started buying size 12 - whoo-hoo! I haven't worn a size 12 since grade school. No exaggeration!

The reason for the picture is that I have to give a plug to YOU: On A Diet, my new favorite book. Don't let the title fool you, it doesn't really push any revolutionary new faddish way of eating to lose weight (yes, it's got an eating plan, but it's mostly common-sense. naturally low-carb stuff I already do anyway, even though the authors take a few jabs at low-carb "diets" throughout the book). Instead, this book delves deeply the body's digestive system and how we process the foods we eat. It has LOTS of fun diagrams and pictures that dumb down all this scientific crap for me so that it's not boring at all. I've read it cover-to-cover now and I already feel like reading it all over again just 'cause there was SO much information, I couldn't possibly soak it all in. I HIGHLY recommend this book to ANYone who wants a better understanding of how every nutrient and bite of food affects their body, and anyone who's looking for a new kind of motivation in their weight-loss journey. And FYI, this book is by the same medical doctors who wrote "YOU: The Owner's Manual", and both books were featured on Oprah. AND, they're the same docs behind the website


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