Sunday, September 02, 2007

Going Low-Fat With Alli? Say It Ain't So, Mrs. B!

Well, I finally gave in. But it's not what you think, let me explain. After reading and hearing about it for weeks, I finally went out and splurged a significant part of my new bigger and better teacher's paycheck on this new all-the-rage product. Alli touts itself as an FDA approved non-prescription weight loss aid, which helps you lose 50% more weight than dieting alone, somehow blocking about 25% of all the fat you eat. Warning: when the label says that it's to be used in conjunction with a low-fat diet, it means exactly that. This pill has some SERIOUS side effects (or, "treatment effects", as the program calls it) if you eat too much fat during a meal. It recommends keeping it under 15-19 grams of fat per meal, but I swear, I've been keeping it lower than that, and I've had some close calls trying to make it to the nearest bathroom.

All considered, this product has been worth it for me. I wanted something to help give my weight loss efforts a quick jump start, 'cause I've been really waffling with trying to get back on track. I've lost about 11 pounds since I started on August 16th, but who knows how much of that weight loss is attributable to Alli. I mean, I have been eating low-carb AND low-fat, which means that I've been eating loads of fresh veggies and more fresh fruits. I've also been focusing more on leaner meats and cheeses, which is new for me since I'm so used to doing low-carb and going hog-wild with all the bacon and eggs I can handle. By taking the pill with some of my meals, it really becomes a mental thing for me. Even though some low-carb proponents say to pile on all the butter I want, well, ..... why? Certain types of fats may be good for me, but do I really need to eat them in excess just because I'm eating low-carb? The pill really forces me to pay attention to unnecessary fat in my diet. And combined with low-carb, I'm reaping the benefits of teaching myself to eat MUCH more fresh produce and lean meats.

Anyway, I guess my point is that I'm not sure how much of my weight loss is the actually from the pill, rather than the lifestyle changes I've been making. I've also started training for that half-marathon next month, so who knows. The combined effect is that I'm losing weight, my clothes are fitting again, I'm happy, and that's all that matters. And I'm not giving up on low-carb. I'll ALWAYS be a low-carber. But I've realized that I also need to pay a little more attention to my fat and calorie intake, too, and Alli is forcing me to do just that.

Whiplash tangent - how great is it that it's finally football season again?! It's kinda like comfort food for me, but without the calories. There's nothing more relaxing that getting home from church on a Sunday morning, faced with the prospect of lazy day on the couch with a whole lineup of good football games on TV. And if I fall asleep to the sound of foul calls and yardage stats at some point, so be it. Music to my ears.

And now for the damage (although it's good news this week!):


Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs.B,
Don't you worry about how it may 'appear' if you take the Alli pill; even though I took an anti-Alli stance when I wrote about it at the time it hit the market, I do understand and recognize the fact that each and everyone of us is engaged, locked in a struggle for our lives--my philosophy is, hey, use whatever weapons are at your disposal.
And apparently, it's working for you. So, good--keep fighting and you do whatever you have to do--you obviously know what you're doing if you're continuing to low-carb; and what you said about not eating butter to excess is dead on, too.
Best to you.

Big Daddy D said...

I was going to add your blog to my blog feeds site.

But, you don't have feeds turned on. If you want to be listed and make it easier for people to subscribe to your blog, you'll need to go to your blogger "settings" tab then click on the "site feed" heading. And finally, change "Allow Blog Feed" from "none" to "Full". Then click "Save settings".

Let me know if you make the change. I'd like to list it so that I can more easily watch for new posts. Thanks.

Big Daddy D said...

Forget what I just said. I hit refresh and the feed was visible to me. You're good to go and being added.

Big Daddy D said...

With regards to Alli... I tried it years ago under the name Xenecal. I couldn't handle the side effects.

The bad thing with fat blockers is that you have no real way of knowing exactly how many calories your body is metabolizing. What is obsorbed and what is flushed out (no pun intended)?

So you know, there are also carb blockers on the market. I wrote to the Doctor(s) Eades about these last year. In their reply, they basically said that they might work but that they wouldn't endorse them. Analagous to fat blockers, it is hard to know how many carbs you are digesting.

Breadless MrsB said...

Diet King - Thanks so much for visiting, and for the encouragement!! Yup, I firmly believe (and it took me awhile to finally accept this) that my weight will be a lifelong battle. In many ways, it's just like being alcoholic - everyday, I simply have to make a choice not to give in. As for Alli, this is just one weapon, and I think it's been helping - although, this is DEFINITELY a temporarily aide. The side effects are so terrible that I've had to severely limit how much and WHEN I take it.... Basically, I'd recommend this pill only to those who can afford to never leave their houses... hehe ;) Actually, I think that's how it really works - the side effects are such a powerful deterrant to eating excess fat, that it really makes me think and make the right choices before I eat something.

Breadless MrsB said...

Big Daddy D - thanks for adding me to your blog feeds site!!! I'm honored SOMEone's reading my random posts :) Yours has definitely been added to my favorites - thanks!!

As for Alli, the jury's still out. I don't know if I'll be buying another bottle, but I'll at least use this one 'til it's up. But that'll be awhile, 'cause I take AT MOST one a day. The side effects are just too much. But at least it has me thinking differently about being more aware of fat and calories, etc. Overall, it's been a good thing for me, but I'm not likely to continue for very long.