Tuesday, December 26, 2006

30-In-30 Challenge: Week 8, 183.5 lbs *NO CHANGE

Well, I survived Christmas without gaining anything. Whew! In fact, the scale actually dipped down a pound during a couple of my morning weigh-ins this week, so I'm still right on track. No, I didn't lose anything this week, but that's perfectly fine by me. I had been worried about losing too fast, anyway. And how many people can say they made it through Christmas without gaining a pound anyway?

The bad news is that as I look back on 2006 with regard to my weight, I've had a LOT of ups and downs. Literally. I actually started off this year weighing around 170 lbs, SO CLOSE to being at my goal weight of 150. And then I let myself go again, ballooning back up to 208. It was the very definition of self-sabotage. It wasn't until I started the 30-in-30 Challenge on Nov 1 before I finally turned things around again.

So to remind myself that I'm still a success story, I thought I'd post my original "Before" picture. That's me on the left in 2003, just before I started Atkins. I'm at my heaviest in that picture, 255 lbs. The picture on the right was taken a couple days ago on Christmas Eve at 183.5 lbs. So while I may be ending 2006 heavier than I started the year, I'm not doing too badly all things considered.

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