Saturday, October 29, 2005

Let The Holiday Rebellion Begin

I think I'm going to actually going to try this, just to see the look on the kids' and parents' faces. Yes, that would be fun. Priceless.

Every year, I manage to gain weight over the holidays, starting with all those sale-priced bags of candy at Halloween. Then along comes Thanksgiving, and with it the pressure of not offending whatever family member who's hosting this annual stuff-your-face fest by stuffing my face, even when I don't want to. From there, it's a never-ending stream of homemade candies and cookies brought into the office everyday until Christmas. Seems like EVERYone's got their own candy dish on their desk or counter during this time of year. It's no wonder that weight gain is so inevitable in the coming months.

Well, not this time. I refuse to be pressured into being fat again. If refusing food when offered offends someone, well, so be it. They're not the ones with the crappy metabolism. They're not the ones who are going to gain 20 pounds the instant they start scarfing down fruit cake and pumpkin pie. They aren't going to be paying for my new wardrobe when nothing fits anymore. And they certainly aren't going to be suffering at the gym at the start of the New Year to get all those cookies and munchies back off their hips. Guilt-tripping me to eat during this time of year ("Oh, come on, it's Christmas." Or, "It's just a bite.") is just cruel, when you stop and think about it. No one would shove alcohol in the face of a recovering alcoholic. Can you imagine? And then guilt-trip them when they refuse? So why do it to people who are desperately struggling to keep their weight in check??

I am so proud to say that I am finally at my lowest weight since HIGH SCHOOL. After a LOT of hard work this year, I have lost over 45 pounds since May. And I refuse to let this hedonistic American tradition of holiday gluttony rob me of the payoff for all my hard work. So, Aunt Jane, unless you're gonna gain the weight FOR me, I will NOT eat your sweet potatoes this year, just to avoid hurting your feelings!!! Posted by Picasa


lucy said...

It is amazing that people can't just stop when you politely say "no, thank you." I think after nearly 3 years of lc I have just about all of the family trained. My GMIL still brings candies and cookies and is surprised when I don't want them (each of the 10 times she offers). I haven't had sugar in nearly 3 years- I am amazed that she still offers her goodies to me.

Keep up your resolve. Be polite but firm.

You can do it!

Cara said...